Great video

I ran across this video today. (I love those leggings!)

There are a few great tips to be found in this video —

Overall —

— Notice the powerful and sexy stance the model takes while posing in the leggings (starting at :19 time); feet wide apart and locked straight knees. That’s a beautiful stance in pretty much any outfit.

— Notice throughout the video how low the photographer is shooting from. Compare the photos and analyze them from that low angle as a great learning experience.


And some individual tips —

1. I know that in movies they often wet down the streets that they’ll be shooting on because they look much better and reflect light better. (Watch the street shots (especially night shots) next time you watch a movie and see that they’ll usually be wet!)

Check them out doing the same thing in this video at about 1:16. It rained during their shoot, so the ground got wet anyway, but see how they are enhancing it too, at about 1:26, and notice how the reflective surface looks.

2. Here’s how they ad water interest behind the model and in the water at 4:10